Introducing Medit Academy

An Online Training Platform

Medit Academy is our largest educational project dedicated to providing both product knowledge and training assistance to our partners and users. The platform offers free training courses and support resources to help you become more proficient in scanning with Medit.

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New in the Academy

⬇ Recently added courses or lessons are listed below. ⬇

  • [03.14] New course
    Medit Webinar: Single-Visit Dentistry Utilizing Medit Scanners
  • [03.09] New course
    Medit Apps: Occlusion Analyzer
  • [03.07] New course
    Ask Dr.Kim Anything: Crown Case
  • [03.03] Updated course
    New lesson in Medit Apps: Model Builder
    - What's New in Model Builder v1.3
  • [02.24] New course
    Simple workflow for beginners: Crown & Bridge
  • [02.17] New course
    Simple workflow for beginners: Inlay